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Monardo’s is THE Staffing Company and for good reason: We make sure to be fun and exciting (it’s easy to do when you do work that you LOVE!) and we attract a LOT of people to our Social Media. We then leverage Social Media’s to source the most amazing & engaged people in the job market. We have a massive Following on all platforms. Twitter, IG and Facebook. Your best hires aren’t on any “job boards”

This company began as a dream of an immigrant that had to work under very poor conditions with little to no training. Our founder wanted to build a place where people were hired on their Merit, trained and given skills, treated with respect, well paid, and had long term opportunities for growth. That is at the Core of what we do.

We want to be YOUR staffing partner, let’s start with a meeting the old fashioned way; face to face. We always come over-prepared with the best Cannoli you’ve ever had!

About Us

We are in the business of people, not in the business of selling people.


To provide Incredible jobs to Incredible people, and leave the world a better place than we found it!


We are renowned for giving our staff the flexibility to create their schedules based on their own timetables, and take pride in providing hands-on training. This ensures top-notch service and gives people with strong potential a chance to get experience.

Positive Approach

The most important requirements are an outgoing, friendly personality and a great attitude! Because your experience is about where you have been and your attitude is about where you are going

“the Monardo’s Advantage”


We can fill most orders in 4 hours!


Our staff undergo intensive training & are supervised by us at no charge.


Year round work keeps the same team in place year round.


Orders of 7 or more have GUARANTEED attendance.


Our Size keeps costs down.

White Glove Services

Dedicated Order desk and account manager work for you, no long hold when you need answers.


Our staff is indistinguishable from yours. Guest don’t know you use our Service.


Our team is responsible and will be there start to finish, weeknights, weekends, 24/7.


Our staff select when they work, ensuring attendance and fantastic attitude. Year round work means repeatable performance.

Local economies

We only hire locally, creating year round jobs, stimulating local economies. We hire directors and managers locally in your city.


You receive complimentary recruitment and job fairs, we help you hire your own staff, like a partner.


We allow our clients to take on more work, and offer additional Services translating to higher profitability.

Our Expertise

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Meet Senior Management

team member
Abramo Monardo

It started with a dream, and Abramo was the dreamer; Monardo’s was his dream.

team member
Joe Monardo
Co-Founder,Vice President

You can lead somebody no further than you have gone yourself. Joe leads by example and from the heart.

team member
Marta Barash
Director of Scheduling

Take care of your team and they take care of your customers; Marta makes being a team member an incredible experience.